THROW Lyrics » Lil Mabu & DD Osama

THROW Lyrics » Lil Mabu & DD Osama : The THROW Lyrics / THROW Song Lyrics by Lil Mabu & DD Osama is the Latest English Song of 2022. The THROW Song is Sung by Lil Mabu & DD Osama. The THROW Song Music is Given by Lil Mabu & DD Osama & The Lyrics is Written by Lil Mabu & DD Osama. TheTHROW Song is Released on 23rd December, 2022. The THROW Song is Presented by Lil Mabu.

THROW Song Details :

Song Title THROW
Singer Lil Mabu & DD Osama
Music Lil Mabu & DD Osama
Lyrics Lil Mabu & DD Osama
Release Date 23rd December, 2022
Language English (Rock)
Label Lil Mabu

THROW Lyrics » Lil Mabu & DD Osama

Stay Out Of Special Places,
My Hear Without Breakin Me.
I Learned The Hard Way,
But I Don’t Do It Anymore Thankfully..

Turned To A Beast With Notti Thot,
I Swear We Deceived..
I Wasn’t Posed To Make It This Far,
I’m Talkin Shit Feels Make Believe..

I Was Showin Lotti What Does Mean In The Streets,
I Ain’t Never Parked The V And..
I’ve Been On The Charts For Weeks,
I Had A Vision No One Seen That Even My Family..
Music Is Saving Me But I Know It Could Have..

So I Keep That 40 On My Side,
Ain’t No One Taimin’ Me..
I Wasn’t Perfect As A Kid,
But I Still Ate My Greens..

I Started Working In The Crib,
With My Friends Smoking Weed..
I Started Doing Good And,
Got More Enemies..

I Keep My Phase Up Off The Net,
When I Be In The Streets..
I Know My Boys Got My Back,
But When It Comes To Tottin Straps,
Bullets Gotta Handle Me..

Mabu Went Back To The Opps Can’t Hustle,
I Said Dd We Clutchin’ The K At The Pole..
Red Lights We Be At The Hangout,
Tell Notti I Flock It Cause I’ll..

Toting The 30 I Ain’t Toting No Rocket,
Yeah, I Wasn’t Feelin’ Niggas That’s Plottin..
Grrah, Dead Opps All In My Blunt,
Bith As Much As You Hate Of A Fun..
Bitch I’m That Nigga I Do What I Want,
Better Have Somethin’ And Runnin’ My Gun..

Yeah, He Died One Time On The Earth,
Now He Died Two Times..
Put The Beam To The Plug,
I Don’t Even Smoke But Feelin’ In My Lonely..

Dd Got Left Mabu,
Got Right Just Know..
I Smoke Right Like, Grrah, Grrah..
Just Know I Smoke Right.

I Ain’t Goin’ Out Without A Fight,
I Got Diamonds On Me, Shut The Light..
Your Bitch Callin’ Dd Take A Pipe,
While I’m Callin Dd For The Pipe..

And The Brodie Get Stuck In A Slammer,
Mabu Gon’ Hop Out The Case..
I’m A Lawyer I Always Got Answers,
Fuck A Bitch On The First Date..
I Got Bitches On Me Alabama,
I Keep Runnin’ Every Other State..

THROW Lyrics » Lil Mabu & DD Osama

Written by : Lil Mabu & DD Osama

THROW Lyrics » Lil Mabu & DD Osama » Official Music Video

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