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DEEDS Lyrics » INTENCE : The DEEDS Lyrics / DEEDS Song Lyrics by INTENCE is the Latest Jamaican Song of 2023. The DEEDS Song is Sung by INTENCE. The DEEDS Song Music is Produced by Futuristic Music & IAMWAV Music & The Lyrics is Written by YENG. The DEEDS Song is Released on 1st January, 2023. The DEEDS Song is Presented by Intence.

DEEDS Song Details :

Song Title DEEDS
Music (Produced by) Futuristic Music & IAMWAV Music
Lyrics YENG
Release Date 1st January, 2023
Language Jamaican (Country : Jamaica) | Sad
Label Intence


Yo Weh Yuh A Seh Fatta People..
People Aguh Always Be People..

Who Aguh Deh Deh When Yuh,
Back Against The Wall..
Who Aguh Deh When Yuh,
Down And Stranded..

Of Course We Have Friend Weh,
A Family..
Of Course Mhi Have Family Weh,
Mhi Call Friend Man A Duh..
Diz Fimi Dead Friend Dem..

An Mhi Dwaag Dem Weh Lock Up,
Inna Hell One Day We Know We..
Muss Meet Again..

What About Fhi Put A House Pon,
Did Hill Ghetto Yute Some..
Life Out Deh Fhi We Live,

Mek Yuh Money An Build Yuh..
Mada Crid Dem Expect The.
Worst Suh We Addi Mek It Big..

If Anuh Yeng Dem Know A Heng,
Tell A Dwaah Guh Fling Seven..
Inna Dem Head..

The Word Bun Mhi See Wah,
Bother Dem Shake Up Eh Place.
An Dat A Mash Up All Dem Head.

Yuh Nuh See A Vvs Pon Mhi Chest
An Mhi Bad Inna Mhi Coach
Yuh Naffi Guest

Yuh Suh Anuh Fhi Nuh Exam Suh,
Mhi Love Ones We Deh A..

Man A Duh This Fimi Dead Friend,
Dem An Me Dwaag Dem Weh..
Lock Up Inna Hell..

One Day We Know We Muss Meet,
Again What About Fhi Put A..
House Pon Did Hill..

Ghetto Yute Sonme Life Out Deh,
Fhi We Live Mek Yuh Money..
An Bulid Yuh Mada Crib..

Dem Expect The Worst Suh We,
Affi Mek It Big Bigger Than..
Weh Dem Expect..

Every Ghetto Yute Wah Know,
Greatness Some Dash Weh Deh..
Life True Money And Fake Friend..

Or Because Dem Careless King Inna,
The Jungle One Lion Show Them Weh..
We Really Call Defiant Bring Flame,
The Gas Mhi Bring Mhi The Fire Sparks..

Momma Prayer Wul Mhi Up When,
Mhi Have Mhi Iron Man A Duh Dis.
Fhi Mhi Dead Friend Dem..

An Mhi Dwaag Dem Weh Lock Up Inna,
Hell One Daay We Know We Muss.
Meet Again One Day..

What About Fhi Put A House Pon,
Di Hill Ghetto Yute Some Life Out..
Fhi We Live.

Mek Yuh Money An Build Yuh.
Mada Crid Dem Expect The,
Worst Suh We Addi Mek It Big..


Written by : YENG

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